Tribal Pewter Pendant Necklace Set

This set features 3 tribal Pendants strung on 3 different necklaces. All are interchangeable so you can mix and match pendants and necklaces as you like. The Tribal pendants are, the Round Arrow, Saber Tooth and Tioga Arrow Tip. The Saber Tooth has a Knight Hack Pewter Wash Antique Silver Plating and the 2 arrows have an antique sterling silver plating. All 3 pendants are USA made. Another great feature of this set is the 3 different 3 necklaces. Included is a thin Ball Chain that is approximately 3.2 mm. (ball size) and is 30" long, which can be cut to size. A simple black rubber cord that is approximately 2mm thick and 36" long and last but not least, is a  snake chain that is smooth, round, and flexible just like a snake. It is 24” long and is 3mm thick. The Snake chain includes a lobster clasp at the end. All Pendants slide on and off easily to mix and match as you like making this a fantastic, versatile and great looking set of Tribal pendants and necklaces.

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