Safety Pin on Ball Chain Wallet Chain

 Our Safety on Medium ball chain ( aprox 6mm) Wallet chain 16”. This Chain is paired with 3” Safety Pin. The pendant hangs perfectly from the Snap to add some extra attitude to this classic Wallet Chain. This chain is a sturdy, medium sized chain with smooth twisted links. Easy fastening + adjustabilty with an xtra split ring and  lanyard & 2” safety pin can xtend  or can be modified/ downsized  with extra hardware. Splicer chain is cut 8  16or cut 22"

Our Splicer Chrome Wallet Chain has elongated, smooth, welded links. This medium-sized chain has clean styling and looks great at any length! Click to see all BEST selling Wallet Chain

*Nickle-plated steel chain welded chain cut 16” or 22"
*Also available in choker and necklace styles

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