Flat Skull Wallet Chain

Our Flat Skull Wallet Chain features full-on pewter Skull links with exceptional detail, styling and weight. Made with outstanding quality in the USA. The skulls are pewter with our exceptional Antique Sterling Silver plating. Made with 23 interlocking skulls with  an overall length is 16" approx + 3" of our AMiGAZ hardware setup. This Flat Skull Chain is available in matching Bracelet, Necklace and Keychains. The Flat Skull has a Monster Sized version that is shown in photo #5 

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This wallet chain features the AMiGAZ Classic Hardware setup with 3 Clasps a Snap hook topside, Bull-nose swivel and D-ring,bottom side. (photos shown) The Snap Hook is a big and sturdy Trigger Snap Hook with a swivel base for smooth wearability. The Bull-nose also a swivel base to provides a fantastic lay. The D-Clamp is a removable barrel clasp d- shaped ring that is an extra clasp.  Need to see more chains? Click all Wallet Chains

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