About AMiGAZ


So here’s the background:  AMiGAZ was started in 1986 by a young guy who not only had a passion for fashion, but a passion for Passion itself.  Friendship and extreme mountain sports were two of his passions, so the first items he created were friendship bracelets, built-to-wear out of climber ropes.  He also designed and hand-crafted another line of bracelets based on his passion for the ocean, made out of totally water-wearable rubber.  All of the bracelets had a unique Barrel Clasp closure so it "took a friend to put one on”.  French for friend is ami, Spanish for friend is amigo, and out of all that AMiGAZ was born.

 The AMiGAZ line has grown substantially over the last 30+ years.  Today it's still headed by the same passionate guy, but now we offer hundreds of items including an impressive line of quality wallet chains, a large and varied collection of bracelets and necklaces, killer wallets, cool clip-on's and more.  And over time we have developed a large and varied customer base of surfers, bikers, rockers, skaters, you name it—basically anyone with an attitude and a passion for whatever they choose to do, or to be, or to look like.  Whether you want to go the subtle route with a simple leather bracelet, or flaunt it “in your face” with skulls and chains, or work it somewhere in between, you can find your look at AMiGAZ. 

 We are proudly American born and based just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  We ship everything from our own warehouse and design and manufacture most of our items ourselves.  We are small but mighty, which allows us to provide superior customer service, quality products at a really good price, and innovative designs year after year after year.  So fill your cart, order today!  You will not be disappointed!


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