About AMiGAZ


For over 35 years AMiGAZ.COM Attitude Approved Accessories has been building quality driven accessories that are designed for you, your style and Attitude. 

AMiGAZ was founded on a simple bracelet over 36 years ago. It was a parting gift to a good friend that was relocating. The Bracelet was to be a reminder of our friendship. The original AMiGAZ bracelet “took a friend to put on” because it was designed with barrel clasp that is much easier to put on with the help of a friend… and our story was born. 

French for friend is Ami, Spanish for friend is Amigo, Put them together and they are AMiGAZ . The whole idea … it takes a friend to put one on.  

Since 1985 AMiGAZ core principles have been * Service * Quality * Innovation. We started with a single bracelet idea and the friendship concept of sharing bracelets. Today, we have evolved into a robust Attitude Driven Accessories Brand that is proudly Born & Bred in the USA. AMiGAZ features Bracelets, Necklaces, Wallet Chains, Wallets and Key Chains. Most AMiGAZ are proudly made by us in the USA by us with driving Style & ATTITUDE.

 We are based just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  We ship everything from our own warehouse. We are small but mighty, which allows us to provide superior customer service, quality products at the best prices with innovative designs year after year after year.  So fill your cart, order today!  You will not be disappointed!   

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