Mask-Eyeglass Lanyard & Wallet Chain 6MM

Our Ball Chain 6MM Mask -Eyeglass Lanyard & Wallet Chain /  Multi Clasp Chain Leash. Secure your mask, your glasses or any other item that you want secured to you, your neck and or body. Lock it on with this secured to you, your neck or your body with our 6mm ball chain leash that is proudly American made. Get a chain on it and keep it close. 

This Versatile Leash, Lanyard or Wallet Chain is made from 6MM Ball Chain. This is a fully functional multi clasp set that is packed with 6 different clasps 2 each (12 in total) to secure whatever you need secured to your neck, waist or any body part. . Perfect for your Mask, Eyewear, ID, Pocket Watch Keys, Wallet Badge, Knives or just wear as a fashion statement. This Attitude Approved Accessory is available in 4 lengths  

The Chain is a 6mm Ball Chain that is lightweight and easy to wear. You can also custom size the chains buy removing the top coupling at either end, cutting the chain to size then re-attaching the A coupling. This Leash Chain is sold in 4 lengths: 8", 16", 22" and 36" Each come with 5 different hardware clasps (2 each) to provide your perfect fit and Connection. All sizes come with 2 Snap Hook with swivel base, 2 Rubber Eye Clasps, 2 Split Rings, 2 lanyard clasps, 2 large lanyard clasps, and 2 Zinc die cast Snap Lanyards

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