AMiGAZ Leather 3 Wrap S Hook Bracelet

AMiGAZ Leather 3 Wrap Bracelet features the AMiGAZ S-Hook Clasp. This clasp is a unique S-Hook clasp with a Sterling Silver Antique Plating. Bracelet wraps 3 times around your wrist. No moving parts just the AMiGAZ S -hook and Black Leather cord. The Leather cord is aprx3mm thick. This bracelet is part of our AMiGAZ Friendship bracelet line that can, take a fiend to help you put it on.  This clean Leather Bracelet is made in the USA.  Size to fit small 7” and large 8” wrists. 

The AMiGAZ clasp story:  French for friend is Ami, Spanish for friend is Amigo,  Put'em together and they are AMiGAZ The whole idea … it takes a friend to put one on!

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