Cuban Smooth Leash Stainless Steel Wallet Chain- Stainless Steel

Our Cuban Smooth Leash Stainless Steel Wallet Chain is a heavy weight chain with heavy rounded links. The links are 12 mm wide and 6 mm thick. This is a 23" heavyweight chain that is built on our Classic AMiGAZ classic Hardware set up. Hardware on this chain is zinc dye cast and steel - Chain is stainless steel we do have options with all stainless steel

This Leash is built with our exclusive Wallet Chain hardware setup  (See Anatomy photo) that features a Trigger Snap hook topside with a swivel base (for smooth wearability) and bottom side, A Bull-nose fancy clasp with swivel to provide a fantastic Lay + an extra removable D=clamp. Custom sizing is available, just email your size details for pricing. This chain is also available as a bracelet, necklace  

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