Flat Iron Knight Hack Saber Tooth Wallet Chain

Our Flat Iron and Saber Tooth Wallet Chain features our Saber Tooth pendant that is bolted onto the chain just below the Snap Hook providing extra attitude and style. The Saber Tooth has great detail and weight that compliments the Flat iron Chain. This is a stunning medium weight chain with an accent textured jump rings to give this chain a distinctive and unique style. The Flat Iron Chain and pendant is finished with our Knight Hack Distressed Antique Silver Plating.

This AMiGAZ Attitude Approved Wallet Chain is built with our exclusive "hardware setup" that features our a Big Sturdy Trigger Snap Hook with a swivel base topside  and below, bottom side, our Bullnose swivel babe both have swivel to provide fantastic wearability +  we add  an extra removable D-clasp, this has a barrel screw clasp  for easy on. This is a great wearing and very usable classic hardware setup.

You can order this pendant as a fully functional Key Chain Clip-on @ this link >>> All Keychains

 *Saber Tooth pendant measures approx. 1 1/4 "L x 1/2"W + 1/2" + bail
*Steel chain, plated with Knight Hack Distressed antique finish
*Length is 22" plus approximately 3" of our AMiGAZ hardware set up
*Chain links measure 7/16" L by 5/16" W, wire thickness approx. 2mm
*Also available in bracelet and choker styles, with pendants or without

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