Link Hack Wallet Chain

Our Link Hack Wallet Chain is a solid, heavyweight chain with textured links. A clean look, turned a bit dirtier and darker with our Knight Hack Distressed Antique Silver Plating. the chain is 100% Made in the USA, packed with Attitude and has a fantastic look.
This chain is built with our exclusive "hardware setup" that features a Snap Hook topside (sturdy/swivel) and below: bottom side A Bull-nose fancy clasp with swivel to provide fantastic wearability + an extra removable D=clamp clasp.

*Steel chain, plated with our distressed, Knight Hack, antique finish 

*Chain is 16", 22 or 30" long plus approx. 3" of our AMiGAZ hardware
*Chain links measure 3/4" L by 1/2" W, wire thickness approx. 3mm

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