ParaCord Multiuse Digital Chain / Wallet Chain 16"

Digital Camo Paracord Multiuse Key Chain / Wallet Chain with multiple removable key chains and carabiners. Survivor style made for weekend or for daily use as all parts can mix and match to have multiple uses. This can be used outdoors and for water sports. Most parts are plastic and all are durable.
Top side: Snap hook swivels for a comfort fit / use. Water proof. This Snap Hook can attach to all extra hardware and vice versa.
Other side: Plastic Snap Lanyard Hook  Leather Wrap & Steel Tracer Bracelet  Hook can attach to all extra hardware and vice versa.
2 Large hole slide beads that are water proof and not only provide style but can slide to give you the comfort fit .
2 Spit Rings metal use to link / place keys

1 Small Triger Snap Hook
16" x 2 Para cord is 100% USA Made. (Parachute Cord) para cord that is 550 Lb. tested with a 7 Strand Core 5/32 Inches.

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