Pure Steel Leash Hack - Wallet Chain

Our Cuban Smooth Leash Stainless Steel Wallet Chain is built on our Classic AMiGAZ classic Hardware set up Steel link chain is a heavy weight chain with heavy rounded links. The links are 10 mm wide and 4 mm thick. This is a heavyweight chain. This Steel Chain is approx. 21" long + approx.. 3" of hardware.

AMiGAZ Wallet chains help keep you stuff secured to you with a unique style and attitude.

This Wallet Chain Leash is Totally made of Stainless Steel featuring the AMiGAZ Stainless Steel Hardware setup. If you need more hardware check out our Deluxe Chains that have more hardware for your attaching needs.

Our features. Two different Carabiner's that are 316 stainless Steel, 1 is 8 mm and 1 is a smaller spring snap 5-6 mm  (Both Removable) and  2 stainless steel split rings. All hardware is removable to make your wear custom to your needs .  

This chain is also available as a bracelet, necklace   

If you are looking for more & different types of hardware click our Hardware Collection

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