Shackle Key Chain 4" with Bullet pendant

Shackle Key Chain 4" with Bullet pendant. Basically its a 4" Wallet Chain. with a bullet pendant bolted on to the the key chain. Our Bullet pendant is a detailed all sided pendant. It is a solid, substantial with a large matching movable bail for the perfect lie. This stunner of a pendant is finished off with our sterling silver antique plating. Proudly 100% usa made  **you can add any pendant , just ask

This 4" keychain is made with our Wallet chain "Hardware Setup" - Has a Snap Hook topside that has a Big Sturdy Trigger Snap with a swivel base (for smooth wearability) and bottom side - A Bull-nose fancy clasp with swivel to provide fantastic wearability + an extra removable D=clamp. Rock this chain now!! 

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