Shackle Smooth with Skull Pendant Wallet Chain 16"

Our Shackle Smooth & Skull XL Pendant Wallet Chain is paired with our Skull XL pendant. The pendant hangs perfectly from the Snap Book to add some extra attitude to this classic Wallet Chain. This chain is a sturdy, medium sized chain with smooth twisted links. 

*Chrome-plated steel chain cut 16”

*Our AMiGAZ hardware (sturdy snap hook and dual wallet hook end-pieces) adds approximately 3" to the listed length of each Wallet Chain

*Chain links measure (5/8") L by (1/2") W, Wire thickness approx. 3 mm

*Also available in bracelet, choker, and necklace styles

 Skull XL Pewter pendant sterling silver antiqued plating. This pendant has great texture, weight, feel and is 100% made in USA and measures approx.  1 1/4"L by 3/4"W

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