Smooth Heart Pendant on Stainless Steel Thin Curb Necklace

Our Pewter Smooth Heart pendant necklace is strung on Our Thin Curb Stainless Steel 24" Chain with a Spring ring clasp. The Smooth Heart pendant is a stunning detailed and weighty pendant with a movable bail that can fit most chains. This pendant is approx. 1 x 1" . The chain is a thin 2mm x 3mm .

This pendant has 2 other necklace options, you pick the necklace option to fit your style and look Just place your choice in order notes.

#1: Our Stainless Steel Thin Curb Chain with a Spring Ring clasp. This chain is a thin 2mm x 3mm and is 24” long.
#2: The Stainless Steel Ball Chain 3mm with a B-Coupling (snaps), 30" long that you can cut to size.
#3: A Plain Black Wax cord necklace, 36" long, that you can cut and tie to size

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