Wire Wrap Slider Silver Bracelet

Wire Wrap Slider Oval Silver Bracelets are handcrafted and 100% USA MADE. Theses Sliders have an oval shape to give a comfort fit and can adjust (with the slider) for a micro fit. They are available in 2 sizes ( 7” small or 8” large wrist.) The slider is classic and comfortable bracelets to wear and can be worn 2 ways, Slider facing down or facing up. It features a Sterling silver plated brass wire (.064 thickness wire) that finished with 2 wraps on the sliding clasp. These have a comfort oval shape and has 2 sizes (small to fit an 7” wrist and large to fit an 8” wrist) The slider bracelets works with all other bracelets or make a clean statement on its own and will go with all looks with its unique slider clasp is easy to get on and off.  All Sliders are handcrafted and 100% USA MADE. These bracelets are available with a black / gun metal plating in sizes 7-8” as well

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